Majolica Majorca Humming Book I (Swatches, Review, 2 Easy Looks and how to DUPE it with Cheaper Products!)

I think Majolica Majorca has fabulously silky and pigmented eyeshadows. But I’m not a fan of palettes where there are a mixture of cream and powder products. Creams have different shelf lives from powders and the lip cream is most likely going to go bad before the other stuff. Also, when powder gets into cream and vice versa, everything gets ruined. 

BUT, when I saw this charming little “song book” in their latest limited edition collection and tested the 3 shadows (1 cream base and 2 shadows) alone and over one another, I concluded it was so brilliant I had to pick one up.


The collection is centered around a dreamy, lyrical flower garden, and the combination of shades gives you exactly that sort of look. Now you CAN possibly use each of the colors alone, but I personally wouldn’t do that. 

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